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Living with mental illness has given me a new lease on life. Equipped with an effective management technique for my PTSD, I am able to dedicate my time to being a mental health advocate. I support people battling the effects of various mental disorders every day and aim to encourage them to overcome and thrive. I am living proof that your illness does not have to define your path in life.

A Few Words About Me

I am an author, aspiring motivational speaker, and mentor. A veteran of the United States Army and National Guard Reserve, served for five years from 2002-2007. A recipient of the Army Achievement Medal for work during Hurricane Katrina, I also have Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Chestnut Hill College. Retiring due to health conditions, I worked overseas for about 3 years as a civilian contractor, supporting the military in Afghanistan.

– Ashley Woods

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This book is an honest and heartbreaking story of Ashley Wood’s life of dealing with mental illness. She writes a frank account from her childhood traumatizing events to the neglect caused by her parents. She discusses her diagnosis of PTSD and the stigmas she faced. You will cry and laugh as you read this book. It is well written and comes from a non-judgemental individual who is just trying to survive. It opens up an understanding of what living with mental illness is like.

Rekia G.

I have read thousands of books over my lifetime, so many I could not understand what the author was going through. This book is more like a bible for mental health. Thank you for sharing Ashley. So many things you spoke of hit home.

Tahir A.

I felt like the book was relatable and definitely brought awareness to many mental health conditions that people may have felt embarrassed or ashamed of. The book was also an eye opening on loving and embracing who you are and not allowing your mental health challenges to define who you are meant to be.

Shawna S.

Author Ashley Woods candor, courage, testaments, fear, resilence, affirmations, vulnerability, and quest for mental wellness helped her to rise from victim of her circumstances to victory enabling her to be a vessel to others by telling her story. This book is a simplistic precursor guide to identifying indicators, acknowledgement, accountability, acceptance, it is support, hope and encouragement and inspiration to seek help.

Michelle M.



She’s ILL


“She’s ILL is an inside look at my journey to accepting and managing my PTSD, as well as my understanding of the ways that mental illness impacts the lives of those around me.”

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She’s ILL gives a raw look into how mental health is stigmatized in the world.

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